Dragon Navi Capital is a subsidiary company within the WTP Group with a mission to empower Vietnamese businesses to be self-reliant and competitive on the global stage.

With over 30 years of combined experience among our founding members, we assist businesses in restructuring their business strategies, finances, accounting, human resources, production, and operations to meet the demands of international integration and development.


To consult and connect international resources to enable Vietnamese businesses to be self-reliant and globally competitive.


To become a trusted partner for businesses on the path of restructuring and growth. Our vision is to build a robust business community where knowledge, experience, and creativity converge to create innovative solutions and shape the future of the market.


1. Dedication and Commitment: Placing customers at the center, we are dedicated to serving and fostering sustainable collaboration.

2. Innovation and Flexibility: We continually research and propose innovative and flexible solutions to enhance efficiency in all aspects of restructuring.

3. Ethics and Responsibility: We adhere to professional ethical standards and always prioritize community responsibility.